Social Program

Rayyan Medical Services and Klinik Bungaraya is an active participant and contributor in non-profit organization and services in general, public and humanitarian interest. Some of them are:-

  • Free Medical Treatment for 2 tahfiz
  • Madrasah Tahfiz Al Quran Ukhuwwa (PJS 6)
  • Madrasah Tahfiz Al Bayan ( DENAI ALAM)
  • Monthly contribution for Madrasah Tahfiz Al Quran Ukhuwwa
  • Yearly Hari Raya Clothes for Orphanage surrounding Desa Mentari
  • Yearly free circumcision for Orphanage and Low in-come people
  • Free treatment for Muallaf who visit our clinic
  • Free treatment for Nazir, Ustaz and All the helper of Masjid Al-Islamiah Kg.Lindungan